XDB Wallet is now live!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the first official non-custodial XDB Wallet, now available on the Apple App Store! Android users, stay tuned! — the Google Android version will be released in the coming days.

Download XDB Wallet on Apple App Store
The XDB Wallet has been engineered specifically for the needs of XDB CHAIN and it contains specific features to maximize its full potential in terms of speed, efficiency and transparency in an elegant and fresh XDB CHAIN style.

Legal Disclosure and Technology Statement: Launch of XDB Wallet
The introduction of the XDB Wallet marks a significant milestone in blockchain technology, born out of an extensive technological endeavor. This initiative has led to the creation of a brand new blockchain, designed with advanced scalability and efficiency, particularly in its Layer 2 architecture.

Key Technological Features:
Efficient Scalability: The new XDB CHAIN is engineered to scale effectively, addressing common challenges associated with blockchain scalability and consumer adoption.

Layer 2 Architecture: Leveraging Layer 2 solutions, the XDB CHAIN enhances transaction speeds and reduces costs, while maintaining robust security.

Support for Smart Contracts: XDB CHAIN is equipped to support complex smart contracts, now on FUTURENET, expanding its utility and potential applications across various industries.

Purpose of the XDB Wallet:
Facilitating Access: The XDB Wallet serves as a gateway for users to interact seamlessly with the advanced features of XDB CHAIN.

Enhancing User Experience: By focusing on user-friendliness and security, the XDB Wallet aims to make the benefits of blockchain technology more accessible to a broader audience.

The launch of the XDB Wallet, coupled with the rollout of XDB CHAIN v19, signifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the blockchain space, ensuring scalability, efficiency, and enhanced functionality for our users.

Seamless Account Import on XDB CHAIN:
XDB CHAIN, a fork of the Stellar blockchain, introduces a unique feature that greatly simplifies the transition for users from other Stellar-like networks, like Digitalbits. This feature revolves around the ease of importing accounts using private keys (aka secret keys on AstraX).

How It Works:
1. Universal Account Import: If you have an account (let’s call it Account X) on any Stellar-like network like Digitalbits, you can import this account into XDB CHAIN. This is done simply by using your existing private keys.

2. Cross-Network Accessibility: Once imported, you can access your account from XDB CHAIN. This feature ensures that users who are part of different networks within the Stellar ecosystem can easily transition to XDB CHAIN without the need for complex procedures.

Specific Case: Transition from Digitalbits Network to XDB CHAIN
For Old Digitalbits Network Users

If you previously held an account on the Digitalbits Network, you can import your account on XDB Wallet using your private keys.

Accessing Your AstraX account:
Post-import, you can access your old accounts on XDB Wallet, using XDB Wallet. This means that if you had an old Digitalbits account, you will be able to access it on XDB Wallet.

The Process:
1. Secure Your Private Keys — Ensure you have your private keys from your previous account on the Digitalbits Network by accessing AstraX.

2. Import into XDB Wallet— Use these private keys to import your account into XDB CHAIN.

3. Verify Your Balance — Once imported, check your balance to confirm that your assets, are reflected correctly in your new XDB Wallet account.

Important Note:
Security Reminder: Always ensure the security of your private keys during this process. Never share your private keys with anyone.

Continuity of Access: This feature of XDB CHAIN is designed to ensure that users from various networks within the Stellar ecosystem can seamlessly transition and continue accessing their assets with ease.

Ownership and Control in Blockchain: The Importance of Private Keys
In the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, a fundamental principle holds true: *Not your keys, not your coins*. Ownership and control over digital assets are intrinsically tied to the access and possession of private keys.

Private Keys Equal Ownership: If you do not have access to the private keys of a wallet, you are not the true owner of the assets within that wallet.

Exclusive Control: The private key is what enables individuals to execute transactions and exert control over their digital assets. Without it, you cannot truly claim ownership.

Representation of Ownership: On the blockchain, the only definitive representation of ownership is through the possession and use of private keys. No other entity, regardless of their claims or association, can represent ownership without these keys.

This principle underscores the importance of securely managing and storing your private keys. In the decentralized landscape of blockchain like XDB CHAIN, taking personal responsibility for your private keys is crucial for maintaining control over your digital assets.

This communication is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice. The process of importing accounts and handling private keys involves significant security considerations. Users are advised to proceed with caution and seek professional assistance if necessary.

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