Welcome to XDB CHAIN, where decentralization, transparency, and community-centric growth define our ethos. We extend heartfelt thanks to our unwavering community, partners, and supporters for propelling our journey forward, pushing the boundaries of blockchain’s possibilities.


Discover the project’s Whitepaper – Revolutionizing Loyalty Ecosystems on the Blockchain leveraging brand economy. Explore how brands and consumers engage across layers of choice.

BBB (Buy Back & Burn)

To enhance the value proposition of the XDB coin and institute a deflationary mechanism, every new Branded Coin (BCO) on XDB CHAIN will allocate up to 2.5% of its total supply for regular XDB buyback and burning. This systematic process, executed quarterly on the XDB CHAIN protocol, involves a dedicated burn address for each BCO, ensuring full community auditability.

SBX Token

This project describes the business and functional elements of the “SBX coin” that is the exclusive and unique Sandbox Group (SBX) — branded cryptocurrency which will be endorsed and incorporated by all present and future brands/products associated with the Sandbox Group.


CoinbarPay aims to simplify cryptocurrency usage in everyday transactions, catering to both physical and online merchants. The CBPAY token, powered by XDB CHAIN, CBPAY introduces a transformative approach to the crypto-payments landscape by incentivizing transactions.


Coming soon.

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