XDB CHAIN Mainnet Launch Guidelines

Dear XDB CHAIN Community Members,

We are excited to announce the commencement of the launch of XDB CHAIN V19 Mainnet set to begin today. This launch represents a pivotal moment in XDB CHAIN blockchain’s development, bringing enhanced features and benefits to our valued community.

1. Network Upgrade Schedule
The upgrade process on XDB CHAIN begins shortly today and will extend to participating exchanges starting tomorrow. We anticipate the completion of this activity within 48–72 hours. Our team has worked diligently to ensure a smooth and efficient upgrade process.

2. Hassle-Free for XDB Token Holders
We have designed this upgrade to be seamless for XDB token holders. There is no requirement for any action on the holder’s part during the maintenance window, whether you hold your tokens on AstraX or any of the participating exchanges. Holder’s balances will remain intact and secure throughout this process.

3. Airdrop of XDB CHAIN Native Coins
XDB token holders will receive XDB CHAIN native coins airdrop on a 1:1 basis for the tokens they currently hold on the Digitalbits network. Following the completion of this activity, a burn of 1,000,000,000 XDB CHAIN native coins (XDB) will be performed and shared with XDB CHAIN Community, reducing XDB token supply accordingly

4. Easy Balance Check on New XDB CHAIN Explorer
Upon completion of the launch of XDB CHAIN, XDB holders will be able to immediately verify their balances on the XDB CHAIN network through the new explorer. Rest assured, both public and private keys will remain unchanged, ensuring a seamless transition to the new network.

5. Focused Support for XDB CHAIN Network
Moving forward, the XDB Foundation’s support will be exclusively for the XDB CHAIN Network, token holders on this network, and the stakeholders actively participating in the XDB CHAIN Governance. This focused approach will enable this project to deliver more targeted and effective support, furthering the growth and success of the XDB CHAIN.

6. Transitioning from Digitalbits Network
As this project and its community advance with the XDB CHAIN, the XDB Foundation will gradually phase out support for the Digitalbits network and its infrastructure over the next 90 days.

7. AstraX Users: Action Required Post-Upgrade
Once the maintenance is completed and following the release of the new XDB CHAIN non-custodial XDB Wallet, all non-custodial holders (such as AstraX users) will need to export their private keys and re-import them into the new XDB Wallet. This export must be completed within 90 days as per above, it is not required for those who have already exported their private keys. This step is crucial for managing holder’s XDB CHAIN coins on the new non-custodial wallet. Please note, AstraX is not compatible with the XDB CHAIN Network and cannot be used for this purpose. Your old XDB Digitalbits coins will remain on Digitalbits holder’s wallet, under holder’s custody, until the network ceases to function.

8. Participating exchanges and XDB token metric’s tracking
Upon the successful completion of the maintenance activities, participating exchanges will exclusively handle the deposits and withdrawals of the new XDB CHAIN native coins on the XDB CHAIN Network. They will cease support for the old XDB coins on the Digitalbits network, and they will no longer monitor or manage any activities related to them. Similarly, token tracking websites (CoinMarketCap, Coingecko) will now exclusively reference the XDB CHAIN native coin, XDB, along with its updated supply details and tokenomics from now onwards.

Stay Connected
We encourage you to stay tuned to our official channels for continuous updates throughout the upgrade process. We are here to support and guide you through this exciting transition.

Thank You for Your Continued Support
Your trust and commitment to the XDB CHAIN project are invaluable. We look forward to embarking on this new chapter together, further enhancing the XDB CHAIN and its community.

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