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XDB Laboratory is a set of web tools that enables people to try out and learn about the XDB CHAIN network. The laboratory can build transactions, sign them, and submit them to the network. It can also make requests to any of Network’s end points.


XDB Explorer is a web-based tool that allows users to explore and interact with data on the XDB CHAIN. It provides a user-friendly interface to access various information about transactions, blocks, addresses, and other data stored on a blockchain.


XDB Atlas is a network infrastructure explorer for the XDB CHAIN network. It provides a list of all nodes and organizations. It tracks various metrics and provides comprehensive details about Network topology, status (uptime/downtime) and how the consensus algorithm’s quorum is shaped.


XDB Portal is a web tool designed to access the XDB CHAIN Network
It allows Users to consult account informations such as balances and offers, check on-chain orderbook and to make transactions.

Users start playing with it by simply entering an account ID or a Seed to see it in action.

Your journey as a developer never ends, and neither does our support.
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