XDB CHAIN Mainnet is Live: A New Era in Blockchain

Technology Introduction

XDB CHAIN, our revolutionary blockchain, is now fully operational on its mainnet. This launch marks a pivotal evolution from its origins. While it began as a direct fork of the Stellar Blockchain, XDB CHAIN has undergone a transformative journey. It has evolved into a completely independent and new blockchain, distinguished by a significant advancement: it now enables seamless support for all Stellar-based blockchains. This groundbreaking feature allows users of any Stellar-based blockchain to effortlessly import their accounts into XDB CHAIN, thereby uniting diverse blockchain communities under a single, robust, and versatile network

Significant Developments

XDB FOUNDATION Fully Committed to Developing and Enhancing XDB CHAIN:

Complete Overhaul: XDB CHAIN is no longer just an offshoot of Stellar but a wholly independent blockchain with its independent native coin, custom assets and dedicated infrastructure

End of an Era: The Digitalbits Network, including its version 18, will ceased to be supported by XDB Foundation by End of February 2024 , marking the beginning of a new chapter only with XDB CHAIN.

Adoption of XDB CHAIN by Exchanges

Seamless Integration: Participating exchanges have fully embraced XDB CHAIN, supporting the native XDB coin. This transition includes the completion of the airdrop process and the termination of support for the old Digitalbits XDB token and network.

Key Announcements

XDB Wallet:

The Exclusive Non-Custodial Wallet of XDB CHAIN – Sole Wallet Support: XDB Wallet is now the only non-custodial wallet designed specifically for the XDB CHAIN.

Discontinuation of AstraX: AstraX is NOT compatible with the XDB CHAIN and will be removed from stores within the next 90 days.2.

Ongoing Support for AstraX

Limited Operation: AstraX will continue to operate with minimal updates, focusing solely on essential transition support, until its eventual removal.

Essential Actions for Token Holders

Checking XDB CHAIN Network Balance

Accessing Public Keys: Retrieve your public key from AstraX for each account.

Balance Verification: Go to explorer.xdbchain.com, enter your public key, and confirm that your XDB balances are consistent. Repeat for each AstraX account.

Accessing Your XDB CHAIN Accounts

XDB Wallet Installation: Download the XDB Wallet from the App Store or Google Play.

Key Import Process:

  1. Open AstraX to access and export your secret key for each account.
  2. Steps to EXPORT secret key from AstraX and IMPORT into XDB Wallet.
  3. Import these keys into the XDB Wallet following the given procedure

Guidelines for Exchange Users

No Immediate Action Required: If your XDB Digitalbits tokens are held on exchanges, you do not need to take any specific action, subject to the airdrop terms and conditions.

Completing the Transition: Completing these steps will ensure access to your accounts on the newly established XDB CHAIN. It is crucial to shift away from the old AstraX and Digitalbits XDB tokens. A 90-day grace period is provided to facilitate a smooth transition to the exclusive, non-custodial XDB Wallet.

Disclaimer: This announcement is intended solely for informational purposes and should not be construed as legal or financial advice. Please seek professional guidance for specific concerns.

For detailed XDB CHAIN Airdrop’s terms and additional information, visit: XDB CHAIN Terms of Use

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