SBX token

The “SBX token” is a cryptoasset powered by XDB CHAIN. It is officially supported and integrated by the Sandbox Group product ecosystem, with 65 millions users worldwide and more than 800 millions mobile downloads.

The primary purpose of the SBX token is to foster the widespread adoption of web3 technologies within the Sandbox Group’s ecosystem. This token is meticulously designed for practicality, encouraging user interaction, simplifying the learning process, and presenting enticing incentives.

The project’s ambition is to pioneer the “CryptoEdTech” sector by introducing the SBX token, envisioning a transformation in education through enhanced accessibility, global community building, secure and transparent transactions, incentives, and support for educators. The potential applications of the SBX token within the educational products for children’s ecosystem are explored, encompassing aspects such as discounts, referral programs, loyalty points, collaborative platforms, educational grants, community engagement, partnerships.
Tokenomics outlines the overall supply of SBX tokens, distribution across the Sandbox ecosystem, allocations for marketing, research and development grants, treasury, in addition to details about the buyback and burn of XDB CHAIN native coins to widespread a broader adoption. The token allocation within the Sandbox ecosystem is also contingent on a vesting schedule.

In conclusion, the SBX token is positioned as a courageous leap in reshaping education through cryptocurrency, aspiring to provide an accessible, incentivized, and globally interconnected learning experience.

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