Introducing Massimo Simbula as Chief Legal Officer

The XDB Foundation is thrilled to announce the appointment of Massimo Simbula as Chief Legal Officer (CLO). Tasked with overseeing all compliance facets of the XDB CHAIN ecosystem, including branded coins (BCOs) and strategic growth partnerships, Simbula brings an unmatched depth of expertise and a distinguished 25-year track record in the legal field, specializing in new technologies, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and FinTech.

Massimo Simbula’s illustrious career is marked by his strategic legal counsel to leading global corporations and international organizations, including prestigious names such as Fendi, United Ventures, The Net Value, Chainalysis, Universal Music and mind-blowing gaming companies like EON Rift. His proven international track record and established network with top-tier law firms worldwide are aimed at bolstering the resilience of the XDB CHAIN ecosystem. This strategic setup is set to empower major brands and corporations to confidently embark on their Web3 journey, positioning XDB CHAIN as their preferred layer-1 platform.

Simbula’s journey in the legal domain is nothing less than extraordinary. His advisory roles have been instrumental in navigating big corporations through complex legal matters, with a particular emphasis on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Since 2012, his contributions as an external lawyer for major blockchain initiatives and his leadership in various international projects have solidified his status as a pivotal figure in the crypto legal arena. His expertise is crucial in navigating the intricacies of blockchain projects, ensuring their success and compliance.

In the dynamic world of FinTech regulations, Simbula stands as a beacon of guidance. His specialization in assisting companies through regulatory processes under financial authorities, the new EU Market in Crypto Asset Regulation (MICAr), and the EU Payment Service Directive (PSD) is invaluable. Simbula’s acumen ensures that businesses remain in compliance with evolving regulations, promoting a secure and regulated innovation landscape.

Beyond his blockchain and FinTech prowess, Simbula’s legal expertise extends to mergers & acquisitions, corporate, commercial, intellectual property (IP), and privacy law. His comprehensive support enables companies to overcome legal hurdles across various sectors, encouraging growth and long-term viability.

Massimo Simbula’s impact transcends legal advice; as a prolific author and thought leader, his insights on blockchain and cryptocurrency have enriched the industry. His expertise is regularly sought after in major panels and television shows, where he voices his authoritative perspective on specific industry’s issues.

The induction of Massimo Simbula as CLO is a landmark moment for the development of the XDB CHAIN ecosystem. His unparalleled legal expertise, combined with a profound understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, positions him to significantly influence the platform’s trajectory. As XDB CHAIN continues to pioneer innovation in the blockchain space, Simbula’s addition underscores our unwavering commitment to legal integrity, regulatory adherence, and the advancement of the industry at large.

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