CoinbarPay introduces a brand new ecosystem cryptocurrency on XDB CHAIN to expand the adoption of crypto payments globally

CoinbarPay unveils revolutionary ecosystem cryptocurrency on XDB CHAIN with Exclusive Community Airdrop — Pioneering Web3 Retail Adoption

CoinbarPay, a leader in the web3 payments, is set to announce the upcoming launch of a brand-new ecosystem cryptocurrency on XDB CHAIN, marking a significant leap in blockchain-based retail technologies. The newly launched cryptocurrency, designed as a utility token, with a new rewarding system for both users and merchants, will boost crypto payment adoption across the CoinbarPay ecosystem.

Celebrating this milestone, CoinbarPay is conducting an exclusive airdrop to XDB CHAIN and CoinbarPay community members. This airdrop, featuring the new cryptocurrency, will be directly credited to XDB Wallets — the first non-custodial wallet built on XDB CHAIN. This inaugural airdrop signals both a thank you to the community for their steadfast support and a commitment to nurturing the ecosystem’s growth.

CoinbarPay’s recent collaboration with Binance, integrating BinancePay into its platform, represents a critical advancement in the crypto payments domain. This strategic partnership propels CoinbarPay’s merchants to an extensive user base of over 168 million Binance Exchange users, greatly enhancing the accessibility and utility of digital transactions.

As part of this initiative, CoinbarPay will introduce the first Anchor gateway on XDB CHAIN with the goal to enhance multi-chain liquidity on the platform. This pivotal development will facilitate seamless on-off ramp capabilities for a diverse range of assets, both crypto and fiat. Central to this advancement is the integration of Binance Coin (BNB) into CoinbarPay’s already extensive portfolio of multiple major cryptocurrencies and blockchains, which includes BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, and XDB. This strategic move significantly boosts the platform’s utility and reach, underpinning CoinbarPay’s commitment to adding multichain utility to its payment ecosystem.

Anticipating the launch in Spring 2024, in the build-up to this event, a series of joint sessions with the XDB CHAIN team are scheduled. These sessions are designed to offer the community a comprehensive insight into this pioneering initiative, marking a pivotal milestone in the concurrent growth of both the XDB CHAIN and CoinbarPay ecosystems.


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