“SBX coin” world’s first edutainment cryptocurrency. BCO-powered by XDB CHAIN

SBX coin Whitepaper

V.1.3 — Release date Oct, 19th 2023

This is the only document summarizing the key terms of creating a new virtual asset called “SBX coin” powered by XDB CHAIN.

XDB CHAIN stands for the “blockchain of brands” which will empower the creation of new brands ecosystem leveraging blockchain technology and XDB CHAIN-powered tokens in the framework of BCO, namely “Branded Coins”

This document constitutes the intellectual property of XDB Foundation, and it is intended to be distributed as an official document referenced by XDB CHAIN official social media channels.


This whitepaper is for informational purposes only. XDB Foundation does not guarantee the accuracy of or the conclusions reached in this whitepaper, and this whitepaper is provided as is.
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This project describes the business and functional elements of the “SBX coin” that is the exclusive and unique Sandbox Group (SBX) — branded cryptocurrency which will be endorsed and incorporated by all present and future brands/products associated with the Sandbox Group (https://sbxgroup.com), including but not limited to PlayKids, Hopster, Code Kingdoms, Leiturinha, among others. This cryptocurrency is exclusively minted on the XDB CHAIN blockchain and will provide exclusive benefits and incentives for Sandbox’s product users.

“SBX’’ refers to Sandbox Group whose Legal entities own both all brands, trademarks and products, as well as any associated brand property.

About Sandbox Group (SBX)

Sandbox Group is a global leader in Edutainment and a group of companies proposing a complementary suite of leading video, gaming, learning, crafting & eLearning products with a global footprint.
By combining a proven curriculum and methodology with cutting edge technology, gamification and personalisation, our objective is to create a world where everyone is empowered to have fun while learning.

Why Web3?

“Web3 technology represents a groundbreaking solution poised to bridge the divide between user engagement and monetization with full transparency. By harnessing the capabilities of distributed ledger technology and tokenized incentives, Web3 introduces a secure, transparent, and trustless ecosystem for the seamless exchange of digital assets. With Web3 technology, businesses can craft immersive customer experiences that actively encourage increased interaction with their products and services. Web3’s potential lies in its ability to streamline user experiences by eliminating manual data entry or customer’s data (like username, emails or passwords) and minimizing user actions needed to complete transactions. Through the strategic deployment of tokenized incentives, businesses can not only reward their customers but also stimulate ongoing engagement, thus elevating the lifetime value of their clientele. Furthermore, Web3 technology offers businesses a fortified and transparent transaction environment. This enhanced security and transparency instill higher levels of trust and confidence among customers. Ultimately, Web3’s transformative capabilities hold the promise of “closing the chasm between user engagement and revenue generation, enabling businesses to augment their earnings while delivering more captivating and rewarding customer experiences.”


XDB CHAIN, commonly known as the blockchain for brands, has introduced a groundbreaking concept known as Branded Coins (BCOs). Among these offerings, this is the world’s first cryptocurrency designed to be extensively used within Sandbox group’s ecosystem of established products that cater to millions of users. This initiative represents a significant step in the crypto space, as it tackles one of the main challenges in the industry — mass adoption. In this briefing, we’ll delve into why XDB CHAIN is leveraging this cryptocurrency and how it sets a compelling precedent for driving mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Why XDB CHAIN for Branded Coins (BCOs)?

Brand Trust and Recognition: XDB CHAIN leverages the trust and recognition of established brands to create customized, branded cryptocurrencies. This provides a level of familiarity and trust that traditional cryptocurrencies often lack, making it more appealing to a broader audience.

Seamless Integration: XDB CHAIN’ technology seamlessly integrates with existing systems and products, making it practical for businesses and organizations to adopt cryptocurrency. This minimizes disruption and accelerates adoption.

Efficiency and Scalability: The XDB CHAIN blockchain is known for its efficiency and scalability, ensuring that branded cryptocurrencies can handle a large number of transactions (up to 10,000 trx/sec) without compromising speed or cost-effectiveness.

User-Friendly: XDB CHAIN prioritizes user-friendliness, making it accessible to individuals who may not have prior experience with cryptocurrencies. This simplicity lowers barriers to entry.

The Main Use Case: Driving Mass Adoption
The issuance of a cryptocurrency for an ecosystem of established products used by millions of users is a bold move aimed at driving mass adoption of web3 based technologies. This is WHY this use case is pivotal:

Utility-Driven Value: Unlike many cryptocurrencies that primarily serve as speculative assets, XDB CHAIN’ branded cryptocurrencies as “SBX-coin” are designed for utility within a well-defined product ecosystem, with an established community. Users can access goods, services, and benefits, giving the cryptocurrency intrinsic utility value beyond speculation.

User Engagement: By integrating cryptocurrency into everyday products and services, XDB CHAIN encourages users to engage with this technology regularly. This hands-on experience fosters familiarity and trust in the crypto ecosystem.

Lowering the Learning Curve: Cryptocurrency can be intimidating for newcomers. XDB CHAIN’ approach introduces users to crypto in a familiar context, reducing the learning curve and building confidence in its usage.

Incentivisation: The cryptocurrency offers incentives to users, encouraging them to participate actively. Whether it’s discounts, rewards, or exclusive access, this incentivization model enhances user engagement.

Network Effects: As more users embrace this cryptocurrency within the ecosystem, the network effects come into play. The more users, the more valuable the cryptocurrency becomes, creating a self-reinforcing cycle of adoption.

Pioneering Innovation: By being the first to issue a cryptocurrency extensively used by a large user base within an ecosystem of established products, XDB CHAIN is paving the way for others to follow suit. This innovation has the potential to transform how businesses and consumers perceive and interact with cryptocurrency.

In conclusion, XDB CHAIN-powered issuance of the world’s first cryptocurrency for extensive use within an ecosystem of established educational products used by millions of users is a significant milestone in the journey to drive mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. This approach leverages the trust of established brands, promotes user engagement, simplifies the user experience, and pioneers a new paradigm in the cryptocurrency industry. As more users experience the benefits of this cryptocurrency within their daily lives, this aims to catalyze a broader acceptance and integration of crypto into mainstream usage.

The Sandbox Group product ecosystem

Sandbox Group is a London-based group operating a network of learning businesses. Sandbox seeks to build, nurture and support the scaling of a diverse family of 18 brands and services. Our businesses are at the intersection of the digital, learning and media industries and include brands like Code Kingdoms, online coding courses for kids, Hopster, preschool learning platform, and Leiturinha, Brazil’s No1 kids book subscription service.

Sandbox’s latest subscription service PlayKids+ is set to positively disrupt the Kids edutainment space by bringing to market the only Kids service with evolutive UI allowing young families to cater for fun smart videos, games and podcasts for kids of all ages. PlayKids+ received in September 2023 the prestigious CSI Award at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam.

Sandbox is committed to providing an unparalleled ecosystem of edutainment products, and currently reaches over 65 million children, their parents, and teachers. Sandbox products and services are commercialized globally with a very strong presence in the USA, LATAM, Europe and entering the MENA region in 2023.

Services are sold directly to consumers and through an array of B2B distribution partners such as T-Mobile, Verizon, Sky, TIM, Vodafone, United Media, A1 amongst others.

About Sandbox market

Sandbox operates in vast markets where there is usually a 10% addressable share, considering geographical footprint of Sandbox brands and operations and routes to market.

According to our latest market data as evaluated for Sandbox investors current and prospective, the global Gaming market stands at $300bn, of which $30bn is addressable. The Learning market stands $650bn, of which $26bn is addressable. The Learning Toys market is estimated at $100bn, of which $6bn is addressable. Last but not least the Streaming market is worth $130bn, of which $13bn is addressable.

Project scope and benefits

The scope of this project is to enhance and broaden a brand new segment called “CryptoEdTech” in the ecosystem of the cryptocurrency projects with the issuance of a revolutionary cryptocurrency called “SBX-coin”, where users and products can meaningfully interact in a web3 fashion across all ecosystem of Sandbox group products to start with, and going beyond.

In a world driven by digital adoption and rapidly evolving technology, education stands at the forefront of innovation. Educational advancement stands as a fundamental pillar of human civilization. However, it is noteworthy that, despite the significant strides made in various technological domains, there is a need for substantial innovation in revolutionizing how we learn on a broad scale, without any kind of border or limitation.

Recognizing the need for continuous improvement in the way we acquire knowledge and develop critical thinking skills, a groundbreaking technology in the field of “SBX-coin” by leveraging cryptocurrency emerges to revolutionize the educational landscape. This innovative ecosystem leverages this brand new cryptocurrency to create a dynamic, inclusive, and empowering learning environment that supports lifelong learning and the enhancement of human thinking and knowledge capabilities.

The current and future Role of Cryptocurrency in Education: Cryptocurrencies have already demonstrated their potential to disrupt various industries, and education is no exception.

“SBX-coin” is The brand new cryptocurrency at the heart of the ecosystem serves as a medium of exchange, enabling transactions, rewards, and incentives. It is secure, decentralized, and transparent, ensuring the integrity of the ecosystem.The core premise of “SBX-coin” is that cryptocurrencies can be harnessed to address some of the most pressing challenges in education:

  1. Financial Accessibility: Educational products and services often come with a significant price tag. Cryptocurrency allows for microtransactions, enabling students to access resources, courses, and educational content at a fraction of the traditional cost.
  2. Global Accessibility: Cryptocurrencies are borderless, enabling learners from all corners of the globe to participate in the educational ecosystem. This inclusivity breaks down geographical barriers and fosters a truly global learning community.
  3. Security and Transparency: Blockchain technology, the foundation of cryptocurrencies, ensures secure, transparent, and tamper-proof record-keeping. This can be applied to academic credentials, reducing the risk of fraud and verifying the authenticity of qualifications.
  4. Financial Incentives: By integrating a cryptocurrency, students can be incentivized to achieve educational milestones, earn rewards (so called “learn-to-earn”, and receive scholarships or grants in digital tokens. This motivates learners and acknowledges their achievements.

Components of the CryptoEdTech Ecosystem: The “SBX-coin” ecosystem comprises several interconnected elements:

  1. Educational Products and Content: Educational institutions, content creators, and edtech companies can offer their products and services within the ecosystem. This includes online courses, textbooks, interactive materials, and educational apps.
  2. Peer-to-Peer Learning: “SBX-coin” encourages peer-to-peer interaction. Students can collaborate, share insights, and offer tutoring services, all facilitated by cryptocurrency transactions.
  3. Educational Marketplace: An online marketplace within the ecosystem allows students to browse and select educational products and services based on their preferences, and pay using the cryptocurrency.

Core benefits of “SBX coin” are:

Affordability: Students can access high-quality educational content with reduced fees by always having access to the “best possible deal” for that product

Global Learning Community: A borderless ecosystem connects learners from diverse backgrounds, fostering cross-cultural interactions.

Incentivized Learning: Cryptocurrency rewards incentivize students to excel and persist in their educational journeys.

Credential Verification: Blockchain technology ensures the authenticity of academic qualifications.

Empowering Educators: Educators and content creators can monetize their expertise directly through the ecosystem.

Conclusion: “SBX coin” represents a bold step toward reshaping education and edutainment subscription products by leveraging the power of cryptocurrency. As education continually requires new frameworks to enhance human thinking and knowledge capabilities, this innovative ecosystem offers a promising vision of accessible, incentivized, and globally connected learning. By combining the advantages of cryptocurrency with the pursuit of knowledge, “SBX coin” paves the way for a brighter, more inclusive future of education.

Main Use Cases and Utility

Technical Setup:
The technical documentation of the XDB CHAN can be found at: https://developer.digitalbits.io/

XDB CHAIN has rebranded the former Digitalbits Blockchain and is now evolving its framework into a more powerful and scalable blockchain.

All documentation is in the process of being transferred under XDB CHAIN domains.

Summary of Use cases
Designing and integrating a cryptocurrency that offers exclusive benefits and discounts to members of educational products designed for kids is a unique and interesting concept. Here are some preliminary examples of use cases that can be explored for this cryptocurrency:

Discounts on Educational/Learning Subscription Services:

  • Parents can use the cryptocurrency to receive discounts on educational products, such as e-books, learning apps, educational toys, or online courses designed for kids. This incentivizes them to invest in their children’s education.
  • Parents who hold a certain amount of the cryptocurrency can become premium members and enjoy additional benefits like early access to new educational products, personalized learning plans for their children, and priority customer support.

Referral Program:

  • Encourage parents to refer other parents to the educational products by offering referral bonuses in the cryptocurrency. This would help grow the user base and reward those who contribute to the community’s growth.

Loyalty Points and Rewards:

  • Parents can earn loyalty points in the form of the cryptocurrency for every purchase they make. These points can be redeemed for more educational materials, free trials, or even exclusive access to events and webinars.

Parent-Teacher Collaboration:

  • Create a platform where parents can collaborate with teachers and educators using the cryptocurrency. For example, they could pay educators for tutoring sessions or access educational content developed by certified educators.

Educational Grants and Scholarships:

  • Establish a fund that distributes cryptocurrency as educational grants or scholarships to parents in need, helping them access educational resources for their children.

Microtransactions for Educational Content:

  • Enable parents to make microtransactions with the cryptocurrency to access individual lessons, worksheets, or interactive content, making education more affordable and accessible.

Community Engagement and Forums:

  • Reward parents who actively engage in the educational community forums or contribute valuable content by granting them additional cryptocurrency.

Donations for Educational Causes:

  • Allow parents to donate cryptocurrency to educational causes, such as supporting schools in underserved communities or funding educational research projects.

Partnerships with Educational Brands:

  • Forge partnerships with educational brands and offer exclusive deals or discounts to cryptocurrency holders. This can include partnerships with book publishers, online learning platforms, and educational product manufacturers.

Secure and Transparent Transactions:

  • Ensure that all transactions using the cryptocurrency are secure, transparent, and recorded on a blockchain for trust and accountability.

Educational Events and Workshops:

  • Use the cryptocurrency to grant access to educational events, workshops, and conferences. This can include virtual events or physical gatherings focused on children’s education.

Parental Feedback and Surveys:

  • Reward parents in cryptocurrency for providing valuable feedback and participating in surveys, helping to improve the quality of educational products.

By implementing these or similar use cases, this cryptocurrency can become an integral part of the ecosystem for parents seeking high-quality educational products for their children, fostering a sense of community and loyalty while providing tangible benefits.


Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 SBX coins

Sandbox Ecosystem allocation: 1,500,000,000 SBX coins subject to vesting schedule

Marketing 2,250,000,000 SBX coins

R&D Grants & Partnerships 1,000,000,000 SBX coins

Treasury 4,000,000,000 SBX coins

Team & Advisors 1,000,000,000 SBX coins subject to vesting schedule

XDB CHAIN Native coin Buyback and Burn 250,000,000 SBX coins

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